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Tips How To Make Custom Digital Portrait Painting

Nowadays, the knowledge is everywhere. Online is a key to learning and master your skills. Paint My Photo wants to give away some easy tips on how to paint a portrait from your photo. 

Get Procreate and Adobe Sketch

Yes, this session is based procreate, an app that is widely used nowadays to illustrate a cartoon or realistic painting. It is not a free app but it is not expensive at all. Another app is Adobe Sketch which is free. These two apps are perfect and sufficient to create a portrait from your photo. 

Start to sketch your portrait 

A custom digital portrait painting is easiest to sketch with the Adobe Sketch. You can import your photo to the app and create a new layer on top of the photo you imported then sketch follow the line you see from the photo. You will get the perfect composition from the photo and it is fast, no skill needed at all here. 

Export to Procreate and add colors

This step is probably the hardest part for someone who did not know how to use layers. If you don’t understand it yet. We will explain a little bit here. First of all you will need to create a new layer for each part of the painting. For example here, we created layers for skin, dogs, shirt, hat, face, hair and pants. The advantages of having layers is that you can make a small mistake and don’t need to redo the whole thing again. 

For example if you paint hair color over the shirt and you painted the shirt already, you can erase it with no effect on the shirt part. Sounds awesome right?  

Details and lines 

If you finish the coloring your sketch, now you can add some small details like shading and lines around the sketch to make it appear clearly. I recommend using black and white for the lines. Where you want the portrait painting appear with highlight, you add white line and use black pencil for the border of the sketch.  If you are interested in learning more about the digital portrait painting, I recommend finding one on YouTube. A lot of YouTubers created a video to teach in detail and easier to follow from the video. 

You can buy a custom digital portrait cartoon painting from Paint My Photo as well 

It is a real budget portrait painting from Paint My Photo. A digital portrait from Paint My Photo starts at 12 dollars. You will receive a high resolution painting that you can print out with a really good quality. It is painted on 1040 pixels and you can pick your favorite background as well as leave a message on the painting if you like. The portrait from Paint My Photo will be created by a professional artist. You can pick a style and see more examples from Paint My Photo on Etsy

If you wish to learn more about the painting tips and tricks from Paint My Photo, visit the Paint My Photo blog and you will find much more information about pet portrait painting there. 

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Creative Beliefs and Concepts of Modern Art



Art is considered to be a creative skill of human which is primarily demonstrated though imaginative sounds, designs and even ideas. Artistic skills and art have been important to the history. Life styles, events and all other prevalent things were all depicted from the different types of art forms which arouses amusement and excitement of the people. Art is continuously evolving with ideas, thoughts, events, and times and even in the technological developments with illusions and creativity.

The ancient history of the art dates back from two million years ago highlighting the Stone Age. The first tools used in creating art primarily create impression that can be said as the initial ideas of the art before the modern art exists.  This is actually a symbolic representation of the information about life styles, facts of people from the previous times and even those who are framing the strong ground of the art. Since then, art have been already transforming to accommodate different changes and improvements to suit people’s interest and demands.

How Modern Art Provides Essential Impact in the Arts and Culture Today?

History of the modern art emphasizes impressionism as its primary frame continued to revolve in the arts and culture of the people. New arts, styles and movements disappeared in its fast pace hence reflecting on its growing rate really changes the society.

Modern art painters preferred to paint outdoors are even studied all the effects of objects which creates wonderful artworks such as scenes and landscapes in the everyday life. They add more impressive highlights and spectacular features to make the artwork more appealing and creative in front of the people. Vivid colors that shows the real message of the modern art also provides great reflection to all the people by just seeing the artwork.

Modern art was majorly restricted to sculptures and paintings since it offers creative influence on all the people. Since these are already presented in the modern year today, you may immediately take a closer look at some advancement and improve features in the artwork which makes it completely unique from the previous arts. Abstract and all other methods and techniques in art are already blended in modern art hence you are assured that this can whatever the image or design that this artwork highlights you are given the chance to be reflect more on the message it conveys.

How Important Modern Art Is?

Like all other types of art, modern art also plays an essential role in the arts and culture of different countries today. It highlights precise and creative symbolism that conveys messages and lessons to all the people in every aspect of their life. This also gives people an opportunity to present their feeling and emotions though painting, drawing, sculpting and in other ways where modern art is highly emphasized. Modern arts greatest contribution is very essential as it offer convenient and effective lessons and messages to all the people who cannot completely appreciate the value and real meaning of modern art.

That is why as early as now spare time and effort to take a closer look at some of the modern art products created by well-known people and determine what the contributions that these arts offers in your place.

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Making Your Home Stylish with Art Deco Design


A lot of options are there when it comes to decorating your home in the modern way. You may find a lot of designs to choose from including those that were never considered back in twentieth century or even in the past few decades. It includes a style from the twentieth century which appears to be gaining popularity and recognition these days and that style is no other than art deco.

In the past, art deco has been identified to be elegant, functional as well as ultra modern. The designers will usually reject the conventional ideas including the materials of interior design and decoration. Instead, they will be using those materials that are quite unusual like ebony, marble, lacquer, stainless steel, inlaid wood, aluminum, sharkskin, as well as zebra skin.

Chrysler Building spire ManhattanThe application of hard metallic materials in constructing the furniture to be used in art deco style was reflecting the celebration of the machine age. For some time, the designers are changing the furniture to make it looking more suitable for the interior design. It was reason why the use of lacquer, the material used in giving a perfectly glossy finish to furniture was born. Aside from that, the designers of art deco also want to highlight the geometric shapes and clean lines. Sharp and strong angles were usually added to the room’s layout so as to emphasize the interior design.

When you plan to make your living room or your bedroom a room that will accentuate the art deco style, you have to be sure that you will take note some important points. First of all, you should understand that there is usually the so called pyramidal effect on rooms which make use of the art deco design.  Also, you should keep in mind that providing your room with a gradual lessening of form could present a discernment of endurance and strength to those people who enter your room. It is the main reason behind the popularity of this interior design form way back through the period of the “Great Depression” while people attempted to show their financial stability and strength in that bad economic period.

Moreover, there are other ways on how you can emphasize the art deco interior design within your room. One of these ways is adding more furniture accessories and pieces with green and black tones to your room since these hues are primary colors when it comes to art deco style. Another way is to add unusual and intriguing accessories like distinctive artwork. You can also have a wall to wall carpet which coordinates perfectly with the design your room has. This will include having neutral color carpet in softening the intensity of the design.


You also need to think about the lighting to be used in your room. It must match up the art deco style of your room. Those lamps that have geometric glass shades usually work best in terms of this form of interior design. These art deco light bulbs are shaped like classic art deco buildings.

Art deco style pursues to go back and is trying to regain its extreme popularity that it got in the past. For those who like a functional, elegant and ultra modern design, they will never go wrong for choosing art deco.

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Photo Equipment that Suits Your Budget

canon cameraThe most important equipment for photo studio begins with the lenses and camera. Unfortunately, some of this equipment is offered at its expensive prices hence you don’t have the ability to choose the best equipment for your photo studio. This is the reason why most of the people today rely more on sales and discounts when purchasing photo equipment. There is also affordable photo equipment that can also offer you reputable studio and will suit your photography needs.

Here are the lists of some of the important photo equipment that can truly make your photo studio more appealing and impressive to look at and these are the following:


There are different types of camera models you may choose from that are very essential every time you took different types of pictures. Choose affordable cameras yet with high resolution and clear views of lenses. This is very essential in order to make sure that the photo results will be as clear and creative as what you wanted.

Reflectors and Lights

Photographic studio's lighting equipment strobe and umbrellaParts of the photo equipment are reflectors and lights since it plays an essential role in making the photo more appealing and impressive in other people’s eye.  You may find different types of lights that fit your budget. You don’t need to be expensive when it comes to lights and reflectors since you may choose those affordable ones which are of high quality and features.


Your photo studio will not be complete without the presence of the backdrops. Despite the walls of your studio, you may still aim to emphasize different types of backdrops in the area. This is very essential to assure that you can present comfortable and unique environment to all the people every time you are going to take some photos. You may choose different styled and colored backdrops depending on your choice which can truly make the atmosphere of the study more inviting.

Processing System

Apart from the camera, you also need to have your own processing system. You need to get the picture taken from the camera to its display medium usually film or sometimes internet and thus, you need to have high quality processing system. If you are going to make use of film camera, you need to have your own darkroom in developing the film. If you are going to make use of digital camera, you need to have your own computer where you are going to edit some of photos you have taken as well as quality printer for photo printing processes.  The type of photography you are going to take depends on the type of photo you are going to prepare.

These are just some of the most important photo equipment you need to prepare in taking different types of photos. Always have in mind that you don’t need to buy the most expensive photo equipment in the market since even the affordable ones can also help you in enhancing the photo results you are going to make. It just depends on the quality of the equipment and how you were able to make use of your photography skills in taking and creating pictures. Thus, you don’t need to experience financial difficulty anymore as you can have the best picture even from the most affordable photo equipment you have.

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Make your House the talk of the town by designing your Own Unique House Sign

house sign

Anyone would want their house to look the prettiest. Many would want them to look beautiful and eye-catching for all people to see. Which is why many homeowners invest in decorative house signs to enhance the way their houses look. They want their house to be not just beautiful, but equipped with the best and distinctive finishing touches that are exclusively theirs.

If you want a do-over of your house, you may want to include putting up creative and unique house signs that will make your house the most beautiful along your street block. For that, you can always buy signs for your home or design signs online through custom design services online. These custom design services can offer you a wide range of pre-made house signs as well as customized items.

With their services, you can have many options for house signs and house number plaques that will allow you to add the finishing touch to the exterior of your house. You can have pre-made or you can design your own personalized house signs. Using these companies’ interactive design tools, you can easily change the materials, layout, shapes and fonts of your very own designed house signs. Add to that your desired text, preview your design and then order it. It is quick and easy, plus you can have them delivered at a very short period of no more than a week.

You can choose any material for your house signs like metal, wood, plastic, acrylic, vinyl and many more. You can have any text you want to put in it and design it in many ways. Surely, you will love the overall look of your house once you put your personalized house signs. Your house will be the talk of town and everyone will certainly be green with envy.

House signs are also easy to install as most of them are with pre-drilled holes. Plus, with thousands of possible combinations you can choose from, you will definitely find the house sign that will suit your house and will make you happy. Whether it is apartments, beach houses or cabins, there is always a house sign that will suit them. With custom house design service providers using modern techniques in the production of house designs, you will be able to create the perfect house sign you are looking for.

If you are looking for the best when it comes to custom design, Sign-O-Matic UK is the one you are looking for. The company can offer you many uniquely pre-made house signs and you can also create your own using their modern design technology. Their client service is excellent and you can expect speedy delivery of their product. It is easy to order and everything is offered at an affordable price.

If what you want is a company with an excellent client service, quality product and a wide range of options you can choose from, this company is the one for you. With their experience in this service, you can expect from them nothing, but the best.

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Design Hotel Interior

hotel lobby seating

In designing a hotel, there are some things that should be kept in mind. These things include getting the most suitable ambience, the inviting and relaxing atmosphere, cleanliness of all the rooms, enough space, views from these rooms and a lot more. All hotel interior designers manage carefully these features and they always come up with a particular design that is simply rewarding for owners, attractive and eye-catching for customers.

The hotel industry is becoming more popular nowadays and it is the reason behind the objectives of designers to come up with a type of design that is totally unique and beautiful from any other. Hotel interior designers specialize in the aspects and parts of hotel designing. They are required to follow a series of steps.

If you work as a hotel designer, whether you are a newbie or an experienced one, it is very necessary that you register in the local listings. It will let the customers to locate you instantly. You may also add some details in the online directory or you may choose to build a website of your own. Your site should contain the details pertaining to your work then you add some samples to show your customers what you can offer them.

If a person calls you, you must show him first all those projects you have managed until such day the person chooses you or you may ask him for ideas he would like to be incorporated in the design.

hotel lobby seatingIt is also important for every hotel interior designer to allow his or her customers to know his pricing before anything else. You should offer your clients with free quotes ahead of time. It is usually witnessed that customers are disagreeing with the pricing provided by the designers and designers always offer the option to reduce that. Do what you can do to avoid getting influenced by customers and you stick on the cost that is ideal for you.

Once your clients agreed and signed the contract you gave to them, make sure that you will make feel confident of your service. They are expecting to get something great from you once their project is already accomplished. Make them 100% confident that you will be giving them the best of what they need and want.

Combine the ideas of your clients with your own creativity so that you can instantly create and produce an interior design that is certainly inviting as well as eye-catching for all your customers. Make sure as well that your hotel interior design is 100% different from any other within the area and that it takes care of everything, including the tiniest portion of the building such making the hallway beautiful through putting hangings, painting it, etc. The presence of those little accessories like the ashtrays, towels inside the wardrobe and the lighting inside the rooms and hotels. These things will add up to the overall beauty of the building. It will help a lot in getting what your customers expect while you consider their specifications.

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How Essential Design Photographies Are?

camera lenseThese days, it’s very easy and even inexpensive to photograph some of the important memories in your life and post in the social media networking site. All you need to do is to have your own camera and computer. However, when you are trying to make professional and creative impression on other people around the world, you need to have the best design photography that can suit your needs and interest. Design Photographies are one of the newest and the most in demand type of photography business that you should get in touch with. 

To give you an idea as to how effective and convenient these design photography is here are the lists of some of the effective reasons to why you need these design photography and these includes the following:


People can immediately determine professional design photography from low quality ones. If you really aim to compete with other people who are also rendering design photographies services, you can only have inferior images and designs. Otherwise people will immediately bounce and switch to other sites with better and creative design photography results. They will not be comfortable buying some of your design photography since you were not able to create the best photography.  With high quality design photography, you are assured that you will have an increased credibility and image to all other people which is very essential if you have your own business.

Exposure and Publicity

nikon digital cameraIf you are aiming to obtain exposure and immediate publicity, well design photography can help you out with such matter. Most of the people aim to have their own design photography business and services in order to obtain the best exposure and publicity they are aiming for. Soon, you may see your design photography products in social media sites such as Pinterest, magazines and even in other news articles since you were able to amazed people with the creative and superior design you have made. This is just a great manifestation that you can have the best exposure and publicity that can reach wider audience.


taking a picture with a camera112401

In design photography, you may be able to reflect on your personality. Whatever the design or image you are going to emphasize in the photography, there might be certain point in the image or design that reflects what your real personality is.  You may use lightings in order to hide imperfections and show the real feature of the design.  The personality of the design can make every people feel the most creative and natural expressions that they have not experience from others photos they have seen.

With design photography, you are assured that you can have the best photos that can immediately mesmerize the attention and interest of the people. With the high quality features and spectacular benefits that these photographs possess, you are given the chance to get hold of an amazing and interesting experience you have not experience from other types of photographs. So, what are you waiting for? Make this design photography as your key towards creating long lasting and creative impression from other people that would make you feel unique.