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Tips How To Make Custom Digital Portrait Painting

Nowadays, the knowledge is everywhere. Online is a key to learning and master your skills. Paint My Photo wants to give away some easy tips on how to paint a portrait from your photo. 

Get Procreate and Adobe Sketch

Yes, this session is based procreate, an app that is widely used nowadays to illustrate a cartoon or realistic painting. It is not a free app but it is not expensive at all. Another app is Adobe Sketch which is free. These two apps are perfect and sufficient to create a portrait from your photo. 

Start to sketch your portrait 

A custom digital portrait painting is easiest to sketch with the Adobe Sketch. You can import your photo to the app and create a new layer on top of the photo you imported then sketch follow the line you see from the photo. You will get the perfect composition from the photo and it is fast, no skill needed at all here. 

Export to Procreate and add colors

This step is probably the hardest part for someone who did not know how to use layers. If you don’t understand it yet. We will explain a little bit here. First of all you will need to create a new layer for each part of the painting. For example here, we created layers for skin, dogs, shirt, hat, face, hair and pants. The advantages of having layers is that you can make a small mistake and don’t need to redo the whole thing again. 

For example if you paint hair color over the shirt and you painted the shirt already, you can erase it with no effect on the shirt part. Sounds awesome right?  

Details and lines 

If you finish the coloring your sketch, now you can add some small details like shading and lines around the sketch to make it appear clearly. I recommend using black and white for the lines. Where you want the portrait painting appear with highlight, you add white line and use black pencil for the border of the sketch.  If you are interested in learning more about the digital portrait painting, I recommend finding one on YouTube. A lot of YouTubers created a video to teach in detail and easier to follow from the video. 

You can buy a custom digital portrait cartoon painting from Paint My Photo as well 

It is a real budget portrait painting from Paint My Photo. A digital portrait from Paint My Photo starts at 12 dollars. You will receive a high resolution painting that you can print out with a really good quality. It is painted on 1040 pixels and you can pick your favorite background as well as leave a message on the painting if you like. The portrait from Paint My Photo will be created by a professional artist. You can pick a style and see more examples from Paint My Photo on Etsy

If you wish to learn more about the painting tips and tricks from Paint My Photo, visit the Paint My Photo blog and you will find much more information about pet portrait painting there. 

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Make your House the talk of the town by designing your Own Unique House Sign

house sign

Anyone would want their house to look the prettiest. Many would want them to look beautiful and eye-catching for all people to see. Which is why many homeowners invest in decorative house signs to enhance the way their houses look. They want their house to be not just beautiful, but equipped with the best and distinctive finishing touches that are exclusively theirs.

If you want a do-over of your house, you may want to include putting up creative and unique house signs that will make your house the most beautiful along your street block. For that, you can always buy signs for your home or design signs online through custom design services online. These custom design services can offer you a wide range of pre-made house signs as well as customized items.

With their services, you can have many options for house signs and house number plaques that will allow you to add the finishing touch to the exterior of your house. You can have pre-made or you can design your own personalized house signs. Using these companies’ interactive design tools, you can easily change the materials, layout, shapes and fonts of your very own designed house signs. Add to that your desired text, preview your design and then order it. It is quick and easy, plus you can have them delivered at a very short period of no more than a week.

You can choose any material for your house signs like metal, wood, plastic, acrylic, vinyl and many more. You can have any text you want to put in it and design it in many ways. Surely, you will love the overall look of your house once you put your personalized house signs. Your house will be the talk of town and everyone will certainly be green with envy.

House signs are also easy to install as most of them are with pre-drilled holes. Plus, with thousands of possible combinations you can choose from, you will definitely find the house sign that will suit your house and will make you happy. Whether it is apartments, beach houses or cabins, there is always a house sign that will suit them. With custom house design service providers using modern techniques in the production of house designs, you will be able to create the perfect house sign you are looking for.

If you are looking for the best when it comes to custom design, Sign-O-Matic UK is the one you are looking for. The company can offer you many uniquely pre-made house signs and you can also create your own using their modern design technology. Their client service is excellent and you can expect speedy delivery of their product. It is easy to order and everything is offered at an affordable price.

If what you want is a company with an excellent client service, quality product and a wide range of options you can choose from, this company is the one for you. With their experience in this service, you can expect from them nothing, but the best.