My name is Sarah Fleming and I run this blog! Here is my biography.

Sarah Fleming is the person you can depend onto in terms of figuring out what are new on interior designing, photography, art, travelling and even coffee drinking in UK. At the age of 22, Fleming has built her interest into these subjects with her hunger to know more about UK. She wants to know and deeply get connected to her hometown in Levens, United Kingdom and that is why in her own way, she researches and thoroughly looks for something new to cherish and be delighted with when you are in UK.

From the depths of it to the most common ones, such as what type of coffee do UK citizens love to drink every morning, where their coffee beans come from, its benefits and how you can purchase them, she shares it on her blog.  As we wants to help those who are looking for a great brand of coffee to buy and where to can get huge discount prices of coffee, Fleming researches and make certain her data is precise and it can be indeed useful and beneficial to her subscribers.

In terms of photography, she gets this interest to capture beautiful sceneries and share it to her blog since she loves to unwind and have out of town trips. Though she is not a professional photographer, she knows that her effort can make all the difference. She thought why now share all these amazing places she is experiencing to others who are as well looking for an avenue to look forward and visit during times of distress and confusion? Given that a lot of people look for a refuge, where they can temporarily get away with the world and just enjoy the moment while it lasts, Fleming is positive her captions of various good places to travel in UK are worth sharing to the world.

Every now and then, she never ceases to share what are in trend in photography, arts and travelling.   Since she loves to travel, she took advantage of this and she constantly shares worth visiting places in UK. She wants to promote that UK is not only about top buildings and economical progress but it’s also about tourism. Through online forums and interactive communication to her subscriber, she shares to them why a place such as this and that are worth visiting for.

Photography is the kind of art Fleming has always been passionate about. Only that she likes a lot of arts, she cannot distinguish what she really likes and what to take seriousness into. She cannot focus on one art that is why she did not pursue on taking up any degree related in multimedia arts.  She said that she would just be contented in loving and sharing adorable and fantastic art pieces. That is why when you come and visit her blog, you will see a lot art pieces and decorations, in which a lot of people can surely  appreciate, most especially those homeowners who are looking for art decorations they can put into their homes.

XOXO – Sarah Fleming