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Making Your Home Stylish with Art Deco Design


A lot of options are there when it comes to decorating your home in the modern way. You may find a lot of designs to choose from including those that were never considered back in twentieth century or even in the past few decades. It includes a style from the twentieth century which appears to be gaining popularity and recognition these days and that style is no other than art deco.

In the past, art deco has been identified to be elegant, functional as well as ultra modern. The designers will usually reject the conventional ideas including the materials of interior design and decoration. Instead, they will be using those materials that are quite unusual like ebony, marble, lacquer, stainless steel, inlaid wood, aluminum, sharkskin, as well as zebra skin.

Chrysler Building spire ManhattanThe application of hard metallic materials in constructing the furniture to be used in art deco style was reflecting the celebration of the machine age. For some time, the designers are changing the furniture to make it looking more suitable for the interior design. It was reason why the use of lacquer, the material used in giving a perfectly glossy finish to furniture was born. Aside from that, the designers of art deco also want to highlight the geometric shapes and clean lines. Sharp and strong angles were usually added to the room’s layout so as to emphasize the interior design.

When you plan to make your living room or your bedroom a room that will accentuate the art deco style, you have to be sure that you will take note some important points. First of all, you should understand that there is usually the so called pyramidal effect on rooms which make use of the art deco design.  Also, you should keep in mind that providing your room with a gradual lessening of form could present a discernment of endurance and strength to those people who enter your room. It is the main reason behind the popularity of this interior design form way back through the period of the “Great Depression” while people attempted to show their financial stability and strength in that bad economic period.

Moreover, there are other ways on how you can emphasize the art deco interior design within your room. One of these ways is adding more furniture accessories and pieces with green and black tones to your room since these hues are primary colors when it comes to art deco style. Another way is to add unusual and intriguing accessories like distinctive artwork. You can also have a wall to wall carpet which coordinates perfectly with the design your room has. This will include having neutral color carpet in softening the intensity of the design.


You also need to think about the lighting to be used in your room. It must match up the art deco style of your room. Those lamps that have geometric glass shades usually work best in terms of this form of interior design. These art deco light bulbs are shaped like classic art deco buildings.

Art deco style pursues to go back and is trying to regain its extreme popularity that it got in the past. For those who like a functional, elegant and ultra modern design, they will never go wrong for choosing art deco.